Sunday, 30 September 2012

I Turned 27 yesterday!!

 Well yesterday was my 27th Birthday!! I do not feel 27!!  I remember my dad saying to me years ago ' as soon as you are 18, you will feel 18 every birthday but with a bit more life experience!  So true!
  I went to Chester with my mum and Grandma for the day! My Grandma is fab, I mean she dresses nicer than me!! But saying that her favourite shop is Hobbs!! She found it hilarious when I said ' what a lovely jumper' looked at price and walked away! She said I am worse than my Grandad for bargains.  I don't think she realises what little money we have.  I did say that if I took the children on my own to a playbarn once a week and bought 1 drink each that is £10 a week, £40 a month! Think she understood why I was so frugal.
 We went to Bella Italia for lunch, we go their for lunch every time but the Pizzas were not up to scratch but luckly got 30% off the Bill!
 With some of my Birthday money I bought...

As i am 32 weeks pregnant I bought a size 12! Fits lovely and I can wear after!! It cost £22.40 from BHS!! Yes after going in all shops BHS had what I wanted!

I bought this in Purple! £28 from BHS but if you like it i have noticed bhs have a 25% off offer! Starting today!

 Also this gorgeous Headband from New Look for £2.99

 I had a great 27th Birthday!!!

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