Sunday, 16 September 2012

A constipated Child means a tired Mummy

  Annabelle my 3 year old has always suffered with her poo since she was about 18 months! She used to poo lying down on her tummy with her bottom in the air and this is the way she learnt to get the huge poo's out! I'm sorry if its too much information but just hope it helps other mums and dads know it happens to other children.
  As she started approaching 3 and half which was quite recently we decided to start potty training.  We bought her a Minnie mouse seat and step but bless her she still is too small to get on the toilet even with a step.  She took to wee's straight away but I knew the poo's was going to be difficult!   She started to go in her pants the same way she pooed in her nappy but as the weeks went by she became very constipated that she wasn't going for days.

   I then took her the doctors and she prescribed Movical, it didn't work for us even when I upped the dosage.  She held it in for 6 days and I felt it didn't do what it was supposed too so decided to try Fig syrup.  After 3 days of taking the dosage for her age she started to poo but Annabelle's problem is that she holds it in!  So I have been changing her bum a lot.  However I would rather it come out that stay in.
  Tonight myself and her daddy sat an hour encouraging her to go on the toilet but I feel she has a fear on pushing.  She tried her best and managed what she could but I still had to change her pull up twice after.
  It is draining, i'm hoping that the fig syrup has helped but she needs to get in a regular routine.  I don't know when it will be but i'm hoping it will be soon, it is mentally and physically tiring.

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