Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Choosing Childcare... Decisions Decisions

  My daughter Annabelle had her first visit at Nursery for her free 15 hours yesterday!  I choose a nursery a 5 minute walk which is connected to the local school.  The school has fantastic comments from parents and Ofted so I assumed the Nursery would be the same!
  Unfortunately I wasn't impressed on Annabelle's first visit yesterday and my gut feeling was so strong that I was very upset yesterday!  As I was a nursery nurse I know what should be good practice, what shouldn't, who is fake and who isn't!
   I was just not happy so this morning I decided to get in touch with my friend who works at my old work, a 15 minute drive and off we went for a little visit! Annabelle joined in group time, did a little painting and played with some of the toys! The staff who  I worked with were very understanding of Annabelle's needs and I felt comfortable leaving her in their care!
  She would be doing 3 5hour days which is fantastic as it fits in with Callum's nap time as I was going to struggle with taking Annabelle 1230-3.30 every day!
  She has her first visits next week so crossing my fingers!

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