Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My pregnancy cravings, not food either!!

  When women talk about pregnancy craving I assumed it was food related! Not in my case!  I have an addicted to smells.  My addicted is growing and I am adding more products to my list!  Here they are so far...

  1. It started with Cif Bathroom spray.  I bought it as it was £1 in the £ shop and thought ' I have 1 bath, 2 showers, and 3 sinks and 3 toilets in my house, get cleaning woman!!'  I started spraying and rinsing and was addicted.  I even have started spraying the floor.  Do you wake up in the night for a wee and think ' I would love to spray Cif in here' ?? 
  2. Next addiction was my Ambi Pur 3volution plug in! I only have one in the hall as I wanted a nice smell when I walked through the door! I have in on all the time and love love the smell! I think its the Japan essence range! Its from savers so best get there quick as its nearly gone!!
  3. When I went to Manchester shopping we stopped for lunch in a chinese and when I went the loo I thought ' I really fancy going swimming' I did think strange why I want to go swimming until my friend mentioned its the bleach smell!  So what anti bac did I buy domestos!! So my kitchen is always lovely and clean.  I do get comments saying they love the smell too but guess they dnt want to go swimming every time they smell it!
  4. Persil washing powder, how amazing! I love opening the cleaning cupboard as get a good wiff! I also love smelling my clothes once been washed!!
  5. I love having a bubble bath every night with my aldi radox! I love smelling the bubbles!
  6. Latest ( at the moment) Dove soap! who wouldn't like the smell?
So there is my 'smell' addiction list! What pregnancy does to you!!

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