Thursday, 13 September 2012

This weeks... Annabelle's funny phrases and Callum's new words

After Annabelle's first afternoon at preschool she became very cheeky!  I said 'Annabelle can you please come inside and have a wee' Annabelle replied 'NO, NEVER' I was gobsmacked

When I cuddled her the other night I said 'I love you Annabelle' and she replied 'I love you mummy'

  When daddy put Annabelle's towel on, she ran to mummy and said 'I'm a Mermaid' as the towel is one you put over head with a mermaid body!

 As she is confused about preschools she said her new nursery is mummy's nursery not Annabelle's nursery school

Callum now lets mummy know when he has pooed by patting his nappy and saying poo! As soon as I get up to get nappy stuff he runs away saying 'Noooo Nap Nap'

When Annabelle was having her poo accident cleaned on nappy mat, Callum insisted it was very important to sit on her head! Luckily Annabelle saw the funny side!!

Callum copied mummy when I said 'Night Night Elmo' 

When Callum sees a train he says 'choo choo' 


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