Friday, 21 September 2012

Pregnancy Week 30

 I had a great week 30!  Although I found out I am anaemic the other day so I have been put on iron tablets! I thought I was tired but just due to looking after 2 children.  Hopefully I will feel even more awake soon! The doctor said it is very normal in pregnancy so luckily I haven't panicked!

  As Annabelle had her 2 visits at Nursery this week I have had a weight lifted off my shoulders, I was able to just take Callum out and boy did I notice the difference!  A usual trip to Aldi consists of a runaway Annabelle, a climbing out of trolley Callum and a stressed Mummy! This time I felt in Control!!  Must make the most of it before I take 2 shopping again!!

  I don't really look at my bump in the mirror as we don't have a full length mirror and I don't have time to stand and admire it however the other day Phil had left the mirror against the wall and I spotted my bump! I seriously was in shock, I looked huge compared to what I thought I was! Though i'm sure its a small bump to some!

 I have been thinking about what I need for this little lad and decided to buy a second hand travel system.  I have a double pushchair but as I will just have Callum over the next couple of months I would rather take a single out!  When the Baby is born I can use the carseat and also use the carseat on the chassis when I walk into the Nursery! I am not going to hold a heavy carseat, hold callum and keep eye on Annabelle, I can just imagine the chaos now!

  Here is the Pushchair  I have bought from Ebay! Colllecting tomorrow :)

  Bebe Confort Streety !! I will take a photo of mine with a review when it arrives in its new home :)

  I am also buying a set of newborn clothes and hats from a local mum!  Exciting Times!!!

 My 30 week Bump


  1. looking lovely! We are still deciding what to do about buggies and very tempted to use a sling and a single as can't bear to be parted with my gorgeous icandy! Hope next 10 weeks go well x

  2. Thank You! Not brave enough to add a pic of my head too haha! Yes its a real pain, I didn't like going to a double but they are needed! Can you add a second seat to your Icandy? WE have a baby jogger city mini double in purple! Great double! You can actually put a carrycot on it too! But in November I don't think we will be walking a lot! Thank You! 31+ 1 today! x


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