Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Annabelle's Visits at her New Nursery

Annabelle has now had two, two hour visits at her new Nursery which is where I worked previously to having Annabelle.  After my mummy instincts last week I made the right decision and moved her.  I am travelling by Car and not by foot, and it is a Private Nursery and not linked to the catchment school but I really don't care.  I know the staff and they are brilliant at their job and actually seem to be happy working there.  They have taken to Annabelle's funny little nature and Annabelle is happy to be in their company!  I had discussed that Annabelle suffers from constipation and they really empathise with myself and Annabelle.  I feel they are going to help Annabelle not make her worse.

 The first Morning was a bit difficult as Annabelle believed it was my Nursery not hers but as soon as we got there she was content.  She said to her keyworker 'I want to play Princesses' and her Keyworker said ' Well we have got something for you, come with me' Annabelle found a Princess Castle Tent and was so excited!  We left and Annabelle didn't really notice, this made me happy!  When I collected her she was in the tent! Typical.  They had to bring the tent into the other room so they could see her.  Now I wouldn't have thought the other setting would have done this.  She had a great first visit!

  The Second Visit which was today went just as well.  The tent was waiting for her and Annabelle told her keyworker off for having a boys blanket inside! Haha!  We left soon after.  Callum wanted to stay too but we had chance to go food shopping and I was able to go home to clean the kitchen from breakfast.  Annabelle had a great time, she had played with the Barbies as well as the Tent!  She had eaten more of her hot dinner today which was a shock as she doesn't like mine!

 Roll on Next week!!

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