Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Dream is to be Organised!!!

  I am a organised person at heart but being a mum of 2 young children and a bump, my spare time is usually when Callum is asleep and that is 2 hours max, being heavily pregnant I make myself rest as its not healthy to constantly tidy after everyone! But this is what happens if I do not run around like a mad thing for 1 day!!!

Playroom- This is just chaos!! The children usually find something to do to make more mess! 

Under the stairs Storage- My original Idea to organise their toys failed!!

Kitchen- This is usually the tidiest room due to the fact that I feel i am always washing up!!

  I came across the  'My Organized Chaos' e course and it sounds perfect!!  I would love for the house to be organised so that I don't have to stress and panic most of the time.  I would LOVE to have me time without feeling guilty that I should be doing housework!  I love the sound of how Jo founder of ' My Organised Chaos' put systems in place for the whole family to work together therefore more time for quality family time-  I NEED THIS!!

 With a baby due at the end of November I would love to win a free course as I know how hard it was last time with a toddler and housework to do.   I know with some support and organisation myself,  my partner and my children will be happier!  

My Organized Chaos e-course

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