Tuesday, 4 September 2012

An Update ...

Hi, its been quite a while since i've posted! I won't go into everything to bore you.  Heres a little update.

I am expecting baby number 3, another boy! He is due in November so only 11 weeks left until my due date.  We are all very excited!!  I have changed the name of my blog to suit my growing family.

Annabelle is 3 and is starting her Nursery School next week.  It will be every afternoon for 3 hours.  She is ready and can't wait to start.

Callum is 20 months old now, i can't believe it! He is starting to act like a toddler now, his language is starting, the words he says that i understand are 'get down'  'minnie' and  'no' .  He loves transport toys and loves joining in with his big sister.

 We have just moved to a 4 bed house so we have plenty of room for our growing family.  10 minute walk to the nursery, close to my parents and Phils work.

 I have decided that I am ready to get back into blogging so here I am :)

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