Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pregnancy Week 31

 Well I can't believe I am on my last day of week 31 weeks pregnant, with my THIRD child.  Never did I think that at the age of 26 ( 27 on Saturday eek ) I would have a 3 year old, a 1 year old and due in 8 weeks  with another baby!! My plan ( originally) was too have my first at about 26/27 !! Well that didn't go to plan did it, but I am happy about it!!

 When I see school friends or old work friends most people say ' are you mad? ' and the most common question from the people that knew me at work, ' was it planned? ' but I'm sure there are lots of mums with little ones close in age!! All three of my babies were planned although it took me ( and Phil of course) 6 months to conceive Annabelle but both Callum and Baby no3 it happened immediately, it may have been the fact that the Pill didn't agree with me and  I went on a break and we said ' If it happens it happens!' to me we were casually trying!

 Being 31 weeks pregnant with 2 small children is tiring, I mean its harder to move and if I do too much I get achy and have more braxton hicks.  But I have to carry on!!  My advice to someone expecting their first is enjoy your maternity leave, treat it like a holiday! I loved maternity with Annabelle bump, i had 6 weeks off as she was born on her due date, I used to go sleep about 11 and sleep until 930! I looked after my brother who was then 22/24 months old every Tuesday, I used to take him into the town and go shopping, looking at baby things!  I was also writing assignments for a part time teaching degree but I suppose it stopped me shopping!!  I really do miss maternity leave but that's just the way it is!!

 My Bump is measuring 29 weeks at 31 weeks but I am going up but 2 cm behind! I carry smaller but my bump has grown there is no doubt about it!!  My baby is getting stronger and feel like I can grab a foot at times, today he had a kicking fit, I can't remember the other two doing that!

 Im still waiting for the day I can relax but it will proberly be Saturday, my mums invited me shopping with her and my grandma to Chester!  Its my birthday, I would love to spend it with my children and Phil but on the other hand I do need a break and what better way than retail therapy, well in my case window retail therapy!!

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