Sunday, 23 September 2012

What do you REALLY need when pregnant?

 I thought I would write this post to help first time mums to be out!!

You will need ;

  • Maternity Clothes/ larger size non maternity clothes 
I find that that leggings are a must, I loved them when i'm not pregnant but they are so comfy and stylish!  Though finding long tops is sightly hard!

  • Product to rub into your bump
 I have used a few different makes over the 3 pregnancies but I have to admit the first pregnancy I went mad and my other half was very concerned that I would get stretch marks.  I did not get one.  Second pregnancy, I only used product in the last trimester when I felt itchy and same with this pregnancy, I am  one of the lucky ones!

  • Pillow for your bump at night
 You can buy pillows especially for bump and beyond but I just put a normal pillow under my bump and it does the trick!

  • Bump Band
If you are still working, I found that a bump band was brilliant! As I couldn't zip my trousers properly but I was too small for maternity clothes, a bump band just sat nicely over my bump and I felt like it was protected.

  • Eat Healthy 

  • Folic Acid for the first few months

  • Pregnancy Books/Magazines
 I loved and love reading about pregnancy, other mums to be stories! Its a club, a very special one!

  • A supportive Partner/Family 

 I do notice a difference in my first pregnancy to this pregnancy.  I was wrapped in cotton wool and it was lovely :)

  • Relax
 Take regular Baths/showers/walks, do what you need to do to relax! I really recommend relaxation cds/mp3 especially if you are an anxious person

  •  I nearly forgot! You need a good bra that fits you well! I choose a maternity bra with the wire as I still wanted that shape!

 These are my recommendations! I hope they help!!! 

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