Thursday, 6 September 2012

This weeks... Annabelle's funny phrases and Callum's new words


After asking to sit on my Grandad's sit on mower ....'Princesses sit on horses not tractors Grandad'

Annabelle refuses number twos ... ' Poo says NOOOOOO!

'Princess Annabelle is hungry one more time'

Annabelle had a home visit from Preschool and they asked mummy and daddys names and she was right! She said 'Pictoria' (Victoria) and 'Phil, Daddy's called Phil isn't he mummy' 

 When we were on a weekend holiday we were sat in a resturant, Annabelle says 'There is music on the walls'  What she saw was musical notes in a frame!


Ninnie= Minnie and Mickey Mouse

'Get Down'  Callum is actually telling himself to get down from somewhere

When we drive into my mums close he shouts 'Mamma'

Callum copied me when I said 'No More'

Callum started telling Annabelle off by saying 'nononono' and shaking his first finger at her!

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