Monday, 1 October 2012

Day 1 - Being Organised!!

 I was hoping to win the ' Organised Chaos  competition in the hope of getting organised with support but unfortunately didn't win!  However I decided I would find another way, I came across a forum on Money Saving Expert and it is fantastic!  A lady has written a routine for tidying your house and keeping it organised.  As i'm heavily pregnant ( although some would disagree as I don't have a big bump) I get tired quickly so I will have to tidy a bit each day instead of all at the same time.  This has never worked for me anyway the house is never tidy!

 This is today's ( Mondays ) Rota...

         Monday Living Room, Hall & Stairs

Level One
Tidy and hoover floor, under the sofas if you can
Level Two
Clean window
Clean Dust any flat surfaces
Level Three
Dust all electricals
Clean Door
Daily Routines-  
          Kitchen- Wash up/put away/wipe surfaces/brush/ Mop 
         Playroom - Tidy/Hoover
         Bathrooms - Wipe over
         Bedrooms- Make Beds/Tidy Clothes/Toys
         Make Dinner/Tea
Night Time RoutinesPrepare Clothes for Next Day
                               Prepare Lunch for Next day
                               Wipe over kitchen/wash and put away

 By the end of the day I hope to have done everything!


  1. Oooh, do you have a link to the forum thread? I am mid-clear-out right now for a jumble sale on Sunday. Looking forward to getting some more space in the house. With us, the main problem is storage - living somewhere older, there's no built-in wardrobes and things so furniture really needs to work hard here!

  2. Yes I do, its a brilliant forum! Here it is

    I hope you do well at your sale! We moved here a few weeks ago and luckly each room has built in wardrobes which saved us a lot of money! Although they need organising inside as get messy so quick!


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