Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Thank You Peppa Pig

My daughter has a favourite programme which is Peppa Pig!  We watch it in the morning and also thanks to sky + its on record! Just incase :)  As she is 2 and a few months I haven't bought any dvd's for her yet as I didn't see the point however today when we were in good old Asda i decided to buy her first dvd, Peppa Pig!£3 Bargain!!  I have quite an organised bedtime routine for Annabelle and Callum, think you need to with more than one child especially if they share a room and you actually want a evening to relax :)  After Annabelle very short and dramatic bath ( Annabelle and a bath are not friends!!! Even though i had a pool birth hehe!!! ) Annabelle and I snuggled in bed watching Peppa as Daddy bathed Callum, she loved it and after each episode finished which is personally too short,  it could be a bit longer i only have time to make a coffee, I want time to drink it too :) she would make a pig sound which means peppa! So cute! Daddy and a clean and relaxed Callum  joined us and it was so lovely as it hardly happens due to one thing all the other, Callum fell asleep on me and Annabelle went bed after as good as gold!!
I really feel a good routine is great for children and if spending time as a family made her happy and content we will have to make sure it happens more often! So Daddy better get home from work earlier :)

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