Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Me Time

On Saturday Night I stayed over at my mums house as I was looking after my youngest Brother for the weekend! I actually live on the same close as my mum so it worked in well. Phil had our children and due to not having anywhere for my brother to sleep seemed the best option!  Even though I wanted to stay in my own bed, in my own house with my own children and Phil of course. I knew there were advantages of sleeping over there!! The main one is the fact I could have a Bath!!! Before you say anything we just have a shower at our house, Luckly I have borrowed a toddler bath from one of my lovely friends or we couldn't have moved here as it wouldn't have been practical!

Well it brought back a lot of memories the last time i stayed overnight I was renting it from my mum as she was living somewhere else, we were awaiting the arrival of Annabelle!  We first lived together just over 4 years ago, so 2 years when Annabelle was born! We were both 21 so young and naive, we defiantly have grown up since becoming parents even though i thought i was mature at the time!

One of the funny (very embarrassing)  stories is that we bought 2 dwarf hamsters as I was broody and at 21 just not ready for a baby!  They were very cute and assumed they would be the best of friends/brothers! That did not go to plan as one of them kept biting the other one so one night I had had enough, I put the naughty one in a box as i only had one cage, a cardboard box (yes i no it was a stupid idea now) ! In the morning there was no hamster, it had escaped!!!! We couldn't find it anywhere, I did mention it to my mum and she must have thought i was joking!  Nearly 2 weeks later we had given up!! We had clues that it was still there, pile of nuts that it had moved from the bag to under the sofa, little hole under sofa, really hope she doesn't read this as i could never tell her!  Although think she would forgive me now!  So one day nearly 2 weeks later mum mentioned the hamster and i had to confess!! Well i was whisked out of the house with a rat catcher to find the hamster!  Luckily i noticed something, the internet cable had been chewed!!( thats why the internet stopped) I actually caught the hamster in the rat cage as it was under the stairs in the cupboard!  Never again was i going to have a pet!!! I thought i would just mention we fed and watered the hamster and it lived a happy life in its own cage!

 Funny how life changes and you grown and change as a person!!  Thought I would share my little story with you :) Please don't think Im stupid :)

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