Thursday, 21 July 2011

Great, Chicken Pox is here!!!!

Looks like my two little monkeys have got the chicken pox or are going to get it!!!!  I got a call from my mum this morning and she said my Brother who is 4 has got a few spots and she assumes its chicken pox or the cats brought flees in :) !!! I would say I was a laid back mum but not when it comes to my children getting ill from other children.  In this case I didn't want my children feeling poorly or itchy, especially Callum as hes not quite 6 months. Partly because working in the nursery ' Chicken Pox' was always big if it was going around and its my natural reaction (aah Chicken pox stay away), Oh and the fact that I could do without it!!!
  My mum called the nurse and she said it was most probably Chicken pox and that It would be better for Annabelle and Callum to have it now!! My first thought was mmmmmm no!!! But then I thought of the practicalities, Yes they would have had it young, whilst I'm still a stay at home mum,  the fact that if it was term time we would be paying for a whole day childcare on a Friday for Annabelle and she would be at home with me with the pox and I would be paying for that!
  I do know that Chicken Pox is horrible for adults as my sister and I gave our step mum Chicken pox when we had it, I think I was 9 and Charlotte was 7! Well apart from the itching we had a great week off school! :) However my poor Step Mum was in bed really poorly! Also my partner Phil got it at 19, We had just started dating and he wouldn't let me see him for 2 weeks as he said he looked horrible and I would split up with him :) !!

 I will let you know how we get on :)

Love Victoria and her Little Monkeys x


  1. Hi Victoria Yes, there are many plus's about getting the pox early. Yes, it is horrid to catch it as an adult, I was in my teens and ended up being bed-ridden, I had them everywhere and I mean everywhere!!! BUT, the only thing I will say is that I was warned,if children catch them under the age of 1, particularly if there case is mild, unfortunately there is a possibility of catching it again!! I know, not fair at all!!! Keep us posted x

  2. My boys had it when they were really small, one was four and the other was 1 months. They both seemed to have it quite mildly. The youngest one only had a few spots and got over it really quickly. Neither of them have had it again thank goodness. The twins are almost five and I wish they would hurry up and get it! I was almost 17 and was ill for over two weeks, it was awful!
    Hope they both get over it quickly,
    Fran x

  3. Hi Tracy!! Thank You for your comment! Thats interesting i didn't know that!! Im sure it must have been horrible in your teens! The one thing i worry about them doing is scratching as they do not understand! We will see! I will keep you posted :) x

  4. Hi Fran, Thank you for posting :)
    That's good to know they were fine and had it mildly hope i'm lucky too :)
    I know what you mean as they get older! It is a pain as you don't know when it will strike!!


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