Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Dummy challange has begun!!

Love Victoria and her little Monkeys!!!     

I thought long and hard about ways to wean Annabelle off her dummy! I had to have something that would encourage her! So I used sweets as a reward for leaving her dummy on her bed! As we had taken Daddy to work i knew as soon as we were home I had to do it!!  Out came the starbursts!!!!
 She very happily played along and she placed her dummy with peppa pig( who she knew would take very good care off it).  She then ate her sweets and said bye to Peppa!!
  There was a sticky moment when she stood at the gate so next tactic was a drink, for her not me!!haha!  She went to preschool in the afternoon lovely and didn't ask for it!!! Well done Annabelle and Well done me!!!


  A little bit for Callum, Can't leave him out!! Every Friday whilst Annabelle is at Pre-school we go next door to the Children Centre.  There is a group called Baby Time.  He loves it and I love spending time just him and myself.  They have lots of sensory toys that you just couldn't have at home and i'm sure as he gets older he will enjoy all the messy Play!!!!!

Love Victoria and her Little Monkeys xx


  1. What a gorgeous pair of kiddiwinks you have! Baby time looks like great fun.

  2. Thank you for commenting!! Yes Baby time is brilliant! I love sensory toys and there is so much for him to see and do there!


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