Thursday, 28 July 2011

Get Crafty and Win !!!! Our Beautiful Bird Jigsaw!!


  I decided to enter the Red Tag Art's Competition which is great as it encourages parents to get crafty with their children.  Personally I let Annabelle draw to her hearts content but i am very guilty for not joining in with her! So I decided to go for it!!!!

   Red Tag Art are holding a competition in conjunction with the Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club to win some fantastic prizes which include a child's digital camera, a fab trunki suitcase, children's headphones and also lots of travel goodies! Which did encourage me to enter !!!! :) Have a look HERE

  Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club is Brilliant!  It is aimed at families that are going on their travels, There is a great selection of games and activities for the airport, plane, beach and more!  You can print off stories, games and pictures for colouring via their website HERE

  I'm going to tell you about the competition, We were asked to choose one of the Real Legend Based Stories, there was 2 to choose from, we choose a story called Ghost Island, due to the fact in the story there are beautiful Birds mentioned! Annabelle loves animals and I wanted to choose something which she would love!  Also there was a bird picture which helps out a mummy like me, likes crafty things but can't draw for toffee!!!! Very unfair considering my mum and sister are great drawers, oh well we can't have everything :)

  The great thing about the picture of the bird is that it was a bird made out of shapes, so i was able to copy the shapes and create my very own bird, I would like to thank the person who picked that particular Bird!!!!!

  Well all my craft paper and glitters came out after a long time, I knew i would need them a some point!!  I even found a little Annabelle hand print I had done for her very first Christmas!!! She was very pleased with it too :)

  Annabelle enjoyed colouring in the bird's tummy and then using glitter pens!!!!   We also used a variety of cut out paper and stuck on to make the bird's tail feathers!!!  Mummy very much enjoyed using the glitter pens on the wings!! Well Annabelle made me ;)

  We then made our very own (first ever) Beautiful Bird Jigsaw!!!!!!  I would like to mention Daddy was very impressed, so i was extra happy!!!!

 This was Annabelle an hour later ......

Thank You Red Tag Art and Fly Thomas Cook
                                     Love Victoria and Annabelle!!!


  1. Oh my! a) it really is beautiful and b) I love the jigsaw idea! What a great way to play with your art!! Wonderful!

    Thank you for taking part in the competition :-)


  2. Thank you so much Maggy! We had a great time x


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