Friday, 22 July 2011

10 Things I Love About You !!

  1. I love the fact you call yourself 'nannie' as you can't say Annie
  2. I love you fluffy hair, Even when its wild I think you look gorgeous
  3. I love that you love your brother so much and when he cry's you give him a kiss and say 'ok baby'
  4. I love that you think Callum's walker is your seat (as your so petite you can get in and out yourself)
  5. I love the fact you make a snuffly oink noise when you actually mean Peppa Pig
  6. I love that you pick up things so quickly your so clever
  7. I love that you love to draw even though you end up drawing on my walls or sofas and I have to get it off
  8. I love when I pick you up from preschool you run to me and you have 'love' written on your face
  9. I love you beautiful little giggle when you find things funny like when we do role play making cups of tea and I pretend it tastes horrible
  10. I love the fact your my daughter and your my precious little star and I could actually go in and cuddle you right now!! Big Kisses from Mummy :)
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