Saturday, 16 July 2011

Our morning at wheelock Farm

 As Annabelle is very much into animals i thought it was a great idea to take them to the local farm! It is a lovely little farm which has a big play area (mainly for the older children) and swings and tractors for the little ones! There are just enough animals to say hello too, also real tractors to sit in on the way! I love their little gift shop although since having two children my double pushchair will not fit, will see it again in a few years i suppose ha!

I decided to take Callum in the Baby Carrier and it was fantastic, he was able to see a lot more that when he is in the pushchair and he loves watching his sister exploring.

Annabelle had a great time, she didn't want to leave the play tractors however she wasn't to sure about the hay, as the hay is quite high from the ground she was a bit uneasy about it!!

We had a lovely morning! 

 Love Victoria and my two little monkeys! x


  1. It is Rach, luckly was a warm morning! xx

  2. Lucky you, here over in wales its rain constant,boohoo!! :( xx

  3. It was honestly a one off lol!! Wales is lovely when its sunny! :) x


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