Monday, 18 July 2011

My first Blogging Opportunity :)

  I have some very exciting news!!!!!!  I am attending the Business Mums Unite Conference and Exhibition on Wednesday 19th October 2011!!!  The Event is being held at the spectacular Albert Hall Conference Centre in Nottingham and being sponsored by Hipp Organic!! wow It couldn't get any better than that!!! 

  A little bit about Business Mums Unite, It is a wonderful opportunity to bring mums together who are in business, or even mums who have got a business idea but haven't had the confidence to take it further.  Business Mums Unite is giving us mummy's the chance to share ideas, network, support each other and inspire! Go mummy's!!!

  I am very much looking forward to hearing from one of the speakers Elaine Hanzac. As after having Annabelle I suffered postnatal anxiety which was awful and Elaine Hanzac will be talking about having a postnatal Illness herself.  I'm sure she will give me lots of inspiration, and no doubt come back home feeling very motivated!  Watch this space hehe!!!

 Another speaker, a successful Dragon's Den survivor Naomi Timperley will be speaking about her business 'baby loves Disco' and how she marketed it!! Phil my partner will be so Jealous!!! Also different workshops which will be so useful, I'm especially looking forward to the social media talk, twitter can get a bit confusing at times :)

 I'm so excited i could keep talking about it!!!!  It would be lovely if you could join me at this amazing event, get all us mummy's united!!! :) Tickets are £65 each and that includes Lunch and a goodie bag!!! If you have a business, it is £30 for advertising, and if you would like a trade stand with a fantastic advertising package it is £150 and that includes your delegate place, lunch and sponsorship opportunities!!! Wow!!!

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