Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hello Everyone

This is my Blog!!!

My name is Victoria, im 25 and have a partner Phil and we have 2 children, Annabelle who is 2 and Callum who is 5 months and we live in Cheshire. I am a stay at home mummy, i love it, i'm
very much into bargains and good buys which you have to do when there's one wage coming in.

I've started reviewing products and i love it, i want the best products for my family and love to help other mums and dads to find them.

Annabelle has just started 'the terrible two' so i am defiantly going to look into toddler taming. Thankfully its not all the time. Also since having Callum she has got very attached to the dummy so i'm defiantly going to start the dummy mission!

Callum is a very different baby to Annabelle was, a mummy's boy but i don't mind!!!! He loves his big sister and gets excited everytime she is near him, its so lovely to watch. He is beginning to show hes getting ready to crawl, does little press ups all the time, very cute.

Love Victoria and her li
ttle monkeys xx

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Victoria xx

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