Monday, 18 July 2011

Monday Me Time

 I thought it would be a good idea if i wrote a post once a week about me, as my blog is mainly about my children but i have to remember me too :)

  I will let you know a bit about what i was doing before i had Annabelle and became a stay at home mummy!  

  When I left school i knew i wanted to work with children but thought the only jobs out there was teaching and nursery nursing, that's schools back then for you.  I trained to become a nursery nurse and got a job in a lovely Private Nursery in a village near to where i lived.  I mostly worked with the toddlers and loved it, i learned a lot about children, how each child was different and had different developments stages.  I became a more confident person and I realised that working with children was right for me.  I have two younger brothers and also working around lots of cute babies i became very broody and along came Annabelle!

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