Thursday, 7 March 2013

My week that was- Link Up


 Annabelle was back at Preschool which she loves and to be very honest I do too! Its very hard to get jobs done in the town when you have a 3 year old that would like to touch everything in each shop.  I stayed at home with the boys as Callum had just got better from his bug however he still was very clingy so getting housework done was hard.  So we enjoyed cuddles :)


 It was my grandmas birthday and we had planned to go over in the afternoon with her present and card.  About 30 minutes before we were about to set of I found callum in a ball on the carpet and as he looked up I knew straight away he had conjunctivitis   I wiped his eye and waited and 15 minutes later it was back.  So I had to phone my grandmas and let them down but they were happy not to see us as they understand its contagious.  So I put their coats on and took them to my local sainsburys chemist and luckily they did the scheme and he was given the eyedrops after a consultation.  When we got home he happily let me put 1 drop in his eye but he went mad and kicked and screamed so it was a battle to get the drops in.  I am happy we got it so fast.


 Another day at preschool for Annabelle and I had to carry Callum in as I couldn't leave them in the car.  I honestly don't know what I would do if he was poorly and annabelle was fine.  After a relaxing day at home we met our scary crazy neighbour who was driving her car whilst her 2 year old was on a scooter and thought it was a wise decision to give me the worst look like i had said the meanest thing.  In fact I was more concerned about her daughter than she was.  I later found out that she had then caused a scene with other mums and abandoned her car.  I have noticed that she has disappeared again.  Thankfully! Joseph loved tummy time for the first time and can support his neck so well. We were still having an eye drops battle :(


As Callum was still unwell Phil took the car so we were stuck in but at the end of the day we wouldn't leave the house anyway.  It was lovely to have the children bathed and in their pjs for 630.  This never happens as we collect Phil from work at 615!  I also had make a gammon dinner which went down very well with Annabelle, Callum not so much!!


 Another preschool day and another day at home!  I do find that even though I am at home I still do not have 5 minutes peace.  When Annabelle is at home we are regulary trying to combat her poo problems and it is very stressful.  I have to watch her if she goes quiet and drop anything I am doing to dash her to the toilet when she is withholding.  I did manage to make a yummy sausage cassarole.  Callum was suffering with a bad cold poor little man hes not had the best fortnight so he had a duvet day :)


 It was a sunny morning here in Cheshire and I took some lovely photos of my little man as I noticed he has started to teeth as he constantly was knawing on his hands.  Luckily Callum is better as it was my friends daughters 2nd Birthday Party and it was a place called Chillfactor.  It is mainly a indoor ski slope but has a section of snow play.  Callum looks hilarious in his padded coat and apron.  They had a great time and so did Phil and I.  We were very tired after though.


 Another party day for us on sunday as it was my brothers 6th Birthday Party so we had an afternoon at the playbarn! It was also Phils( My other half) 28th Birthday but due to the upcoming redundancy we are keeping to a strict budget so unfortunatly wasn't the best birthday! Once money is better I can spoil him even though it will be the money he earned! Oh well!!

 How was your week? If you want to join in click HERE onto Real Housewife of Suffolk County's Blog!

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