Saturday, 30 March 2013

Teaching Children right and wrong! My daughter the little thief :)

  Yesterday I took all 3 children to the local retail park and whilst I wasn't looking Annabelle put a book in the  bottom of the pram.  When I got to the car I noticed and as I am an honest person and want to teach my children that stealing is wrong I took it back and made Annabelle say sorry. Annabelle put her head down and it seemed she knew she wasn't to do that.   My friend thanked me for being honest and it actually made me feel good.  I am an honest individual and that's how I want my children to be.

 Like most children Annabelle has done this a couple more times, a couple of weeks ago I saw her slyly put 1 mini egg in her mouth obviously from the pic n mix, I actually pretended I didn't see as I don't think a checkout Lady or man wants a wet mini egg.  The funniest 'steal' my daughter did was when she was 1.  We had just walked out of clothes shop and all of a sudden Annabelle lifts up a HUGE pair of bright yellow thongs.  In the middle of the town.  I was in shock and quickly ran back to the shop.

Annabelle is only 3 and doesn't even know what stealing is and in their world everything is theirs.

I am hoping that she will get to the age where she understands you can't just take what you please.

Has this happened to you?


  1. My son used to do it by accident he would forget he had stuff in his hands and then leave the shop, id make him take it back and say sorry for that! he used to try and steal sweets too but hes not the quietest of children and always got caught!

  2. Hehe! Yes my grandma told me yesterday that when my mum was a little girl she filled her pockets with sweets and got marched back in! Thats it they are young and don't understand but its best to teach them early! :)


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