Monday, 18 March 2013

I had a panic attack last night :(

 I have always suffered from anxiety but at certain times of my life has been worse. After children particularly.
 Last night Joseph woke with a cough so I went downstairs to get the medicine and decided to make a cup of tea for my sore throat.  I started panicking about my eyes going funny as they have in the middle of night  but only happened when I thought about it. All of a sudden I felt weird, I was very lightheaded.  Rushed upstairs with the medicine.  The feeling intensified and I opened the window for fresh air and it didn't help so a collapsed on the floor.  I was panicking as I didn't know what was happening.  My other half was saying come sit on the bed but I was scared.  I was shouting to get me to the hospital as I thought I was going to pass out.  He then got me to do deep breaths then my heart was beating so fast I could hear it! I then calmed a bit then started shaking!
 I knew after it was a panic attack,  I have been doing too much and stressing about housework and also the fact my other half is being made redundant soon.  He was trying to find a job in London but living in Cheshire its so far we wouldn't see him all week.  I just accepted consciously but I guess my sub conscious was worrying.
 So my plan is too firstly relax when at home today and not run around like a headless chicken.  Relax and enjoy cuddles with my children.  Get a chart ready to help me to remember my tablets for anxiety. My other half said he will look for  jobs in Manchester so thats a weight lifted off my shoulders.

 I am grateful Phil was there to calm me down and that my mum was there on the phone at 6am.

 I feel for anyone that suffers from anxiety, pnd or panic!

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