Friday, 30 September 2011

London was perfect but im still soooo tired :)

 I went to London on saturday, I can't believe it has been nearly a week!

 We were up at 530am to catch an early train, Both myself and Claire were so excited, Claire has 3 Children and I have 2 and its very strange going away, even for a night!  For example when I was packing it was very hard to organise my brain to pack for myself.   All I could think of was nappies, milk, etc!!

 When we got to London we first went to our Hotel which was The Tavistock Hotel to drop our bags off!  We stayed there last time and it was brilliant, cheap price for London and you also get a breakfast included!!

 Then we went to Buckingham Palace to see the famous Dress, it was gorgeous but she has the slimmest waist ever!! It was Beautiful!!  If you ever head off to see Buckingham Palace there is a brilliant buttie shop down the road! The owner said in a Londoner accent ' you won't find any better butties than here' Ive got to say he was right!!!!

  Then we went shopping down Oxford Street and later to Soho to 'The Powder Room' which was fantastic and very inspiring.  There will be a full review coming up in the next few days on our pampering, we were so lucky!!!

 In the Evening we went to the 99club at the view for dinner, Comedy club and club after.  The food was gorgeous however was rushed, we had our starter, the plates were taken away and 5 seconds later are main was on the table.  The comedy club was brilliant, the first 2 acts were so funny, the third not so funny.  We stayed for a dance but shockingly were in bed for midnight!! Yes I know!!! Worth it though, no hangover in the morning!!

 Sunday was very relaxing, we strolled around Covent Gardens!!

 Since getting back I haven't stopped or feels that way, I have been so tired!! Think London took it out of me, worth it though!!!

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