Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Countdown has begun!!!!!

 I am turning 26 next week and for my birthday I have chosen to go London with one of my friends Claire!!  I was pregnant on my 25th so thought 'I deserve to go away'!!

I have a lot of exciting things planned!!!

We get to London about 930 and we are heading on to Buckingham palace to explore the state room and have a look at Princess Kate's Dress!!! :)
We are then heading to Oxford Street to have a look in as many shops as possible! Then very close to Oxford Street (I am so excited about this) we are visiting and reviewing what looks like an amazing beauty boutique called The Powderpuff Girls !!  I will be taking lots of photos with a review when i'm back!!  We are both having our hair done for our evening and early morning night out!!!!
 At night we are going to the 99club at Leicester square for a 3 course Meal!!! Comedy Club abd then turns into a night club!!! All for £30!!! Madness!!

 So Today I am going shopping for an outfit because knowing my look I would go shopping in London and won't find an outfit!!

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