Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lets Rock With Elmo!!!!!

 We Love Elmo in our household, especially since meeting Elmo in person!!  I got an invitation to meet Elmo and even though it was in London and I live in Cheshire I thought, I have to go, its a once in a lifetime opportunity :)

  We were meeting Elmo at Centre point on new oxford street, a lady who worked at reception took annabelle and i to the lift and pressed the button, when we stopped it said 32 floor!! When we got near the window I couldn't believe my eyes I could see so much of London!!

  Well I can tell you Elmo is adorable and would love him to live at my house, he would cheer you up when you are down as he loves cuddles!!  Annabelle was very intrigued and enjoyed interacting with him, she liked him that much she drew him a picture to take back home to America!!

About Elmo

  •  Elmo is 3 and a half and he attends (preschool) Sesame street, here is Elmo with his friends!!
  • Elmo said he had a great time in London, he went to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace but Elmo was very sad that she didn't let him in :(  aaah!!
  • Elmo's favourite Animal is a dog
  • Elmo's Favourite food is Pizza
  • Elmo's Favourite activity at Sesame Street is to play with his Piano

Annabelle was given a fantastic Elmo toy called Let's Rock Elmo from Hasbro!! It is fantastic, she has played with it for ages and still isn't bored.  Annabelle easily gets bored with her toys but not Elmo.  Annabelle's friends love Elmo and their mummy's want an Elmo of their own!! My partner and our friends also love Elmo, its defiantly a toy for all the family to enjoy!!  I will do a full review on the Elmo toy soon!!!!  

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