Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Do I interact enough with Annabelle??

As I'm a stay at home mum I am the sole carer of my daughter other that Friday when she goes to preschool all (school) day.  I noticed Friday how much she changed with just one full session as the previous school term she only did a morning.  Her confidence in talking is the most significant change.  From only saying the words she knows her confidence has grown and she is a parrot!! She even said aeroplane Saturday, I was in shock, happy obviously!!!

 Seen as I used to be a Nursery Nurse I have a lot of arty and crafy experience with young Children, am I using those skills, .... No :( I think i have been so busy and tired with looking after 2 extra interaction has gone out of the window.

 However from today I have decided and started (get me) carrying out arts and crafts with Annabelle and Callum where appropriate.  Each week I will have a theme and do different activity every day if possible.  I will have a separate page also which you will find under 'Crafty Fun'.

 This weeks Theme is ELMO!!!!  This is because Annabelle and I met Elmo over a week ago and she apsoluted loved him, we took home Lets Rock Elmo which is an interactive toy where Elmo sings and plays music!!  Annabelle and Callum love him and so do Phil and I!!!

 So this afternoon I decided that Annabelle and I should make a musical shaker for Elmo or for Annabelle to use when Elmo sings! And we did!!!!  We Filled a empty margarine pot with dry Risotto rice and Coco pops Rocks and I celotaped it well!! maybe a little too much actually!! Then I wrapped it in pretty paper and Annabelle stuck coloured Card shapes onto it with crafy glue!  Annabelle had a fantastic time and once she had finished she carried on being crafty on more card!!    I feel better that Annabelle was having more fun!

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