Monday, 12 September 2011

Humf and the Fluffy Thing Review- Out today!!!

We were recently asked to review this wonderful DVD called Humf and the Fluffy Thing!!  The series is on Nick Jr and is aimed at Preschool children!

 Humf is a Furry Thing, Short and round, Purple and Cuddly.  He is 3 years old who loves to explore the new things he sees around him and he is full of the wonders of the world! Just like a 3 year old Child.   The other Characters are Humf's Mum and Dad who again like Parents they allow Humf a lot of space to explore and discover the world around him, but they are always there to make him feel safe when he needs reassurance. , Uncle Hairy lives nearby and when he comes to visit he almost always brings Humf a present of some kind - often something he might like to play with himself., Loon a feathery big bird thing and Wallace is a hairy bullish thing and they are Humf's best friends!

 Annabelle loved watching it, She is almost 2. 5 years old, my 4 year old Brother loved it too, even borrowed the dvd to take home to watch again.  The characters have a very English voice which is very soft and the words are pronounced very clearly, I love that as it teaches Annabelle and Callum how to pronounce words early (pet hate) !!  You may recognise the narrator's voice who is Caroline Quentin who fits perfectly with the Character's Voices!

The storylines will relate to our children, I love the the Characters and setting is set colours so easy on the eye, Not too much talking so the children can take in the sentences!  The fact that there is set Charcters who you get to know!

 Humf and the Fluffy thing is great for anytime of the day,  10 little stories are approximately 7 minutes and is great for Calming Children down.  Also there is a bonus dvd with 6 stories! How fab!!  So this will be in the Dvd player ready :)

 Humf and the Fluffy thing is available from TODAY September 12th at the RRP on £9.99 from Entertainment One!


  1. Ah that sounds lovely, I think my little boy would enjoy watching this :)

  2. It is Fantastic!! A few other Mummy Bloggers have a competition running to win your very own :)


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