Sunday, 18 September 2011

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses!!

Families are a pain but we couldn't live without them!!

The reason I am writing this post as I wanted to get something off my chest!!  There has been a disagreement with a few members of my family which as a person on the outside saw the direction it was going and it wasn't good!

As i have experience family not being as family should I just couldn't see it happening again!  My dad and I didn't have the best relationship, it didn't help that my parents divorce when i was very young.  The month that my dad and step mum were moving away, I announced I was pregnant with Annabelle!! As my father was in another country I felt I had lost him and that was an awful feeling, my Dad realised that home in France wasn't home!! Fortunately Dad and my Step mum moved back early this year so such amazing bonds that we never had before as we realised how important each other was!

  It again happened between a Grandad and my aunty over money!!! ahh!!  So because of this I do not see my cousin who I grew up with and were in the same classes throughout primary school! very very sad considering neither of us are part of the argument! Nothing that I can do!!

 This recent disagreement is down to money again!! I'm 25 and had to speak up and tell the 3 elders that Family is important and this has to be worked out!  Its not doing anybody's health any good and falling out is such a waste of everyone's time!  Plus I feel like i'm in a trap as love both parties!  Think sometimes someone not actually involved has to speak up and unfortunately had to be me! As other family members either sit on the fence or enjoy the drama!! Well that's just not me!! So I braved it!!  They said they would sort it out so a positive even though I feel wobbly!

 I was taught to speak my opinions and stand up for things I believe in so their fault as thats exactly what i've done! Hope everything turns out for the better would like to enjoy Callums first Christmas!

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