Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I won!!!! I am now a iMama.tv Modern Parent!!!

 Well I have gone and won a fantastic Competition with iMama.tv, i am so excited!!!

 I started blogging in July and around the same time I came across a competition with iMama.tv to become a vlogger     ( Video Blogger ) and become one of their modern Parents! How exciting is that !!

 I thought, what an opportunity! When I started blogging I knew I was to take it seriously but obviously in a fun way!  I knew that if I did become a modern parent on iMama.tv it would be the start of exciting opportunities for myself and my family!  I really didn't think I would get it as there are so many fastastic bloggers out there!

 To enter I had to make a vlog introducing myself and my family, I had never seen myself on video other than a moving bump when pregnant! I only had a blackberry that had video option, its was quite ridiculous actually I had to get the position the phone  right and stick the phone in a baby cup to point it at myself! It was quite difficult and had a few take's.  I had either my head not in the picture as the phone had slipped without me noticing or one of my children had started shouting me! On my first vblog i was feeding my son (this was about take 3 by then) and he did a huge burp as i sat down but just laughed and carried on, not sure what iMama.tv thought had happened :)

  There was also another Brilliant Mummy Vlogger that was posting and thought there is no way I will win as she is Fantastic!!  What was lovely though is that Coralie Rose supported my vlogs and myself the same with Coralie!

 Yesterday there was an announcement on facebook and twitter, this is the facebook announcement

  *drum roll*

The response to our vloggers and bloggers competition has been amazing and 

we are very excited to announce that the winners of our vlogging competition 

who will have their own Modern Parents channel on imama are Coralie Rose 

and Victoria Wilkinson- look for them coming live to your screens in October!

 I could not believe it We had both won!!! Woo Hoo!!

 So I am now a iMama.tv Modern Parent and will be Video Blogging my thoughts, opinions and my life! I hope you will follow and enjoy!!

Here is iMama.tv website HERE Do take a look it is fantastic and has a bit of everything!!!

Here is iMama.tv facebook page HERE

Here is iMama.tv Twitter Page HERE

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