Monday, 19 September 2011

The Real Cupcake Company Review!!

  When I received the cupcake making kit from the Company 'The Real Cupcake Company' I was really looking forward to it as I love Cakes!! I'm still only a cooking beginner so I thought how fab a kit already made up, no weighing ingredients, making icing! Just add 2 eggs!! Brilliant!! They cost £9.99 for and makes 12 Cupcakes!! We were sent the Orange flavour :)

 The Real Cupcake Company wanted to go back to basics and put the fun and simplicity backing into home baking.  They are based in rural Derbyshire and they have created a range of dairy free gourmet cupcake kits using real fruit and no artificial colourings and flavouring.

 This is a photo of all the ingredients and items it the baking kit!!! Obviosly not the bowls, tray and eggs :)

 I had to put all the cake ingredients in a bowl, which looked  a lot like batter.  I used an electric whisk which was very simple, put them into the individual cases and put it in the oven.  My idea of easy baking!!

 When they had fully baked in the oven I let them cool!!!  Next was the icing, I knew I had never iced using piping before so used the video on ' The Real Cupcake Company' website!!! It was a great video and gave me a lot of confidence before I was going to have a go myself!! When I did it myself it was much harder!!

When myself, my 2 year old daughter and my 4 year old brother tried them unfortunately we thought the taste was a bit too sickly!  I love icing however I would say the icing is very like buttercream so if you love buttercream you would love this!!
I think this kit is defiantly for a more advanced baker as you can see I would be embarrassed by my icing skills to anyone other than 2 children :) Would be great if there was an easier way of icing it or different type of icing as the sponge was lovely!!

The Real Cupcake Company website HERE
The Real Cupcake Company Facebook page HERE
The Real Cupcake Company Twitter HERE


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