Saturday, 17 September 2011

What it's like to be a model???

 I'm not a model as you can probably tell but I did get to experience it for an evening on Thursday!! One of my friends has started her own business in Bridal and formal makeup and I was asked to model for her! Me, say no to a makeover!! I would be that stupid would I!!!
 A little about my friend Hayley...  Hayley has 2 young boys one of which is 5 months, she has a love for makeup and decided to start up her very own business mainly in Bridal!   2 weeks ago she set up a facebook page and as of right now she has 144 likes!! Amazing as they are mostly people she doesn't personally know!   She then set up a website about 5 days ago and wanted to show off her work and asked me to model!! She has been booked in to bridal fairs and booking for weddings are coming thick and fast! I just want to say Well Done Hayley very proud of you!!
 Prior to my makeover I loved makeup but never knew where to start and was to shy to go to a counter to ask!  Then Children come along and  I just didn't have the time!   Until now!! What was I thinking and where was I!!!!! She looked at my foundation and it was way too dark!! She gave me some fantastic tips and most of all some confidence! Do you want to see my pictures??

 Before!! Oh dear!! :)

 Natural Bride 


So the very next day I headed off with my Birthday money and went boots as it 3 items for the price of 2 and they give you a no7 voucher so went back and bought some foundation sponges for free!!

Here is Hayley's facebook page (Elegance) Bridal & Formal Occasion Makeup

Here is Hayley's website called Elegance Bridal & Formal Occasion Makeup

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