Friday, 18 January 2013

Why did my doctor have to be so rude? My poor little boy :(

  I decided to take Joseph to the doctors this morning due to the fact the baby gaviscon was not helping his reflux and he still was obviously in pain.  I had been told by 3 doctors with callum who suffered similar symptoms that its just a phase.  I would like them to know that at nearly 2 he still has wind.  So today was determined not to walk away with nothing.
  In the thick snow with 3 children I took them to the doctors, not ideal but as it was a friday I didn't want to go to the out of hours.  As soon as I mentioned reflux she said ' is he being sick and putting on weight?' 'No' then he is fine.  I was shocked.  I started to read out a list I had brought in as when at the doctors my brain goes to mush, every one she rolled her eyes!! One thing is frequent hiccups that are very high pitched and last 20 mins +, her reply was '(laughs in a horrible doctor way) I can't do anything for hiccups'  I was angry by this point.  My reply was ' I know but I am trying to tell you all his symptoms.  She dismissed everything.  Just said he is healthy.  I cannot prescribe anything, I mentioned milk and another medicine, she asked the name in a abrupt way.  As I couldn't remember due to the fact I was gob smacked she then said ' I cannot hand out medicines we have a budget'.( gobsmacked by this comment).
  During the whole time Joseph was crying.  I said he is obviously in pain.  She then said there is nothing she can do.  I immediatly asked for a referral to the hospital as I need answers.  She was so dismissive, I said 'you are trying to tell me there is nothing wrong with my son, can you not hear him?' She did do the referral however I could tell she didn't want too.  She didn't look at Joseph, ask to look at him, feel his tummy.  What kind of care was this?  Did she think I would drag 3 children out in the freezing weather?  I was there for a dam good reason.  I mentioned that I am so close to feeling anxious again which is true.  Quite frankly she made me worse.  I had to hold back the tears to the car in which I phoned the other half who wrote a email of complaint.

  We did go to the out of hours this evening and spoke to a doctor that did listen but said only my gp can prescribe more than gaviscon.  That stupid doctor said he could have nothing.  Joseph got looked at and listened to each symptom and agreed it was reflux.  It helped that his son had it.  He said keep pushing which is good to hear from a doctor.

 I would like the first doctor to think... If you had terrible acid heartburn how would you feel if you were told to suffer and get on with it?  Stop being a robot (reflux is only vomiting milk and not putting on weight) learn the facts and do your job!!


  1. Oh sweetheart, I'm so sorry your doctor was such a poo. I wish there was something I could do. *hugs*.

    I don't know if it's of any help, but when I had trouble getting Daughter to sleep, I'd put her in my papoozle ( on my chest, stack up some pillows behind me in bed and sleep sat up. It was the only way I could get some shut-eye and she could be comfortable - hardly ideal but it worked for us. This is a facebook group with a load of 'sling library' details on - you can rent one before deciding if you want to shell out the money to get your own.

    Wish I could be of more help. xxx

  2. Thank you for you kind comments :) I'm still in shock.

    I have never heard of a papozzle, thank you !! We do anything for them and us to sleep don't we!!

    There is actually a sling library in my town but never got round to it but seems a ideal must now I know its reflux.

    I bought some anti reflux milk and it really help through the night however he was his usual self today! Back to another doctor tomorrow x

  3. This group on FB is brilliant for advice and support;
    I do feel for you. We struggled for months to find a GP (or even hospital paed) to take us seriously and prescribe hard drugs! Over the last 2 years we have gone through lots, so much trial and error. But things definitely improved with a half decent doctor. Some are so rude, just uncalled for. Glad your OH put a complaint in. Manners are free! x

    1. Thank you for your comment. I had just joined thank you!! It is hard to find support especially from the 'professionals', luckily ive got a friend who has just gone through the same thing and its made me keep returning. We have been given ranitadine today as doctor obviously noticed I had had enough. Joseph was crying the whole time also. I can't wait to get the right combination for him. Reflux does put a strain on family life and in my experience relationships. I agree with manners, I am having to move doctors. x

  4. I am glad to see that you are changing doctors. I had headbutted with a few doctors when my kids were little, heck, even last year with my then 17 year old. Mama knows best.
    My own mother was dismissed by my pedi when I was three years old (40 years ago, ha!). She knew I was developing bronchitis but was unable to get anywhere with my doctor. Later that night, I was rushed to the ER, very near death. I spent a week in the hospital. My poor mother :(

    1. Hi! Thank you for you're comment. I have not changed doctors and the difference massive. That's it we do know and I am glad I kept going. How awful for you're mum, the fact they did not listen and she couldn't do anything about it!


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