Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little man

  Callum was 2 years old today!  Those last 2 years have flown by and that beautiful little baby has turned into a caring, funny, beautiful little boy that I am so proud of.

  I cannot believe how much he has changed from this photo!  I can tell he is going to keep us amused even more not he has started talking.

 Today both Annabelle and I sang Happy Birthday very softly as he was half asleep, as you do! He was not impressed and nearly grabbed the cover to go back bed until I mentioned presents!! This was 8am too!!

 He opened his main present from us, a chuggington remote control toy and next minute Annabelle says 'wow Callum a tool kit' she had opened his other present, though he didn't care!  Not this year anyhow!

 My Dad and Step mum had bought him a big boys bed and wanted to set it up as a surprise.  Somehow I didn't think this one through... Callum's Birthday night, shattered in a bad mood as so tired, first night in a big bed = bad Idea!!!  Luckily after about an hour of tantrums and screams daddy saved the day as mummy was talking to Annabelle who didn't understand what was wrong with her brother.  How could he not like this bed

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