Thursday, 10 January 2013

E.A.S.Y Feeding routine from The Baby whisperer

 Joseph is 6 weeks old now and to tell you the truth I have found it challenging even though he is my 3rd baby.  He was showing signs of a hungry baby until I read that it could be something else like wind not hunger.  He would sleep, and wake up screaming, I thought it was for milk so I was filling him up.  He would want milk too often unless we were out and he was in the pram or carseat, luckly he has sleep 6 hours in the night.
  Today I decided that as I wasn't allowed to eat, drink or rest in the day it was time for change.  A tired, hungry and  thirsty mummy isn't a good thing however Joseph doesn't realise.  I came across 'The Baby Whisperer' and I know this method has mixed reviews but I defiantly feel it can be adapted for each mum and baby.
  When Joseph woke up crying I decided to try winding him and what happened he burped and went back off to sleep.  I then started this method and so far so good.
  Today I actually got his bottle ready, tidied the kitchen, done a few loads of washing, tidied the living room and playroom, got tea ready and bathed the children.  As well as dealing with bum after bum however that is another story.

This is the routine
3-hour E.A.S.Y. (under 4 months old)
E:  7:00 wake up and feed
A:  7:30 or 7:45 (depending on how long feed takes)
S:  8:30 (1.5 hour nap)
Y:  Your choice
E:  10:00
A:  10:30 or 10:45
S:  11:30 (1.5 hour nap)
Y:  Your choice
E:  1:00 
A:  1:30 or 1:45
S:  2:30 (1.5 hour nap)
Y:  Your choice
E:  4:00 feed
S:  5:00 or 6:00 or somewhere in between:  catnap (approximately 40 minutes) to get Baby through the next feed and bath
E:  7:00 (cluster feed at 7:00 and 9:00 if going through a growth spurt)
A:  bath
S:  7:30 bedtime
Y:  The evening is yours!
E:  10:00 or 11:00 dream feed

 He is currently fast asleep after his 10 oclock feed!  However his feeds are not the same tonight as above.  He had a bottle at 8 and 10 so technically not had a dream feed.  I am going to try him about 12.

 Have you tried this Method? What are your thoughts?

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