Friday, 18 January 2013

Little Joseph's been suffering with silent reflux

 First Joseph has tongue tie, now he has reflux.

Since Joseph was fully formula fed he has been very unsettled especially in the evenings.  He has been acting just like his big brother was when he was a baby.  However 2 doctors dismissed Callum's wind problems as he was putting on weight!

 Joseph's Symptoms

  • Not settling from 7pm until 2 am.  Just little cat naps in this time. Moaning like he is pain.
  • Arching back after feed along with crying.
  • Acting like he is starving as soon as he has opening one eye from his sleep.  Constantly hungry if awake.
  • Hiccups after most feeds- Very high pitched hiccups which last 20 mins.  In this time he is wriggling around in discomfort.
  • A lot of wind
  • Grunting/ sneezing
  • Only settles in the car seat in the day.
  • hear bubbles 
  • Not able to put him down after feed as he crys
  • hearing noise in gullet/stomach
  • not a happy baby 90% of the time
 The list does go on but as i am shattered I will stop there!

  We have been to 3 doctors and have only got gaviscon... Thanks for nothing!! Can you tell i've hardly slept? 

  We are also trying sma lactose free as a few of my friends have recommended it.   I hope this settles soon as i'm getting to the end of my tether!

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