Monday, 21 January 2013

Reflux Update- A little bit of Hope

 Sunday night was horrible as always as I was getting mentally and physically drained.  All night I kept crying even when he eventually went to sleep.  My other half kept telling me it was going to get better but I just felt helpless as it seemed I could not comfort my own little boy which made me feel down and upset.  I know it is all down to the reflux.  The next doctors appointment to try to get some pain relief for my boy was looming,  It was all I could think about, what was he going to say, please don't say I can't help you, your son is fine.  
  I asked my other half to come for support which is was happy about as he has had enough too.  Off we went with the 3 children again.  The doctor asked the usual 'so what seems to be the problem then'  I said My little boy HAS reflux as I was not being fobbed off again.  He said the same, I can't prescribe anything other that gaviscon which I know is untrue as my friend in the next door doctors( we have 3 on the same floor in the building)  is.  He asked to take a look at him and got asked 'Is he bringing his milk up? I said no but he has got reflux as its not just went you bring it up' He said ' I know' in a nice doctor way unlike the stupid doctor from the other day.  He then asked how I was doing in myself to which I said 'not good' which is true.  I mentioned i'm prone to anxiety and he said 'we need to help you too'.
  I'm very grateful that the doctor rang the hospital and they told him to prescribe what I asked for ranitadine however still feel that should have been done on friday.  The milk I started him on on saturday is emfamil ar which i've heard and read may be a great combination.  

 So Joseph has had a bottle and ranitadine at 7 oclock, had to be rocked to sleep as he was fighting it at 830 and it is nearly 1am (yes my body clock is all out) and hes still asleep.  I'm guessing he will want a bottle soon.  I really hope its taking effect.  This is not a usual!  


  1. Awww, you poor thing. I haven't experienced reflux myself but I have friends who have and it sounds so draining. Really glad that the doctor was able to help and also asked how YOU were which is most important. Happy Mummy usually equals Happy Baby.

    Hope it all works out and the ranitadine helps him x

    p.s. Thanks again for stopping by my blog. I love it when new people comment so I am able to 'meet' them.

    1. Yes i am glad he did as I was at breaking point inside! It seems to be working :)
      Yes I agree! I love comments means a lot! x

  2. Thank goodness someone listened! I'm really glad you got a better result than last time. Having a new baby is hard enough without having to fight with doctors! And I'm so glad he asked how YOU were doing - I think if someone had said that to me early on, my PND wouldn't have taken a year to diagnose! *hugs*

    1. Thank you! I agree it was a fight, for my son to not be in pain! I told the last doctor I feel so anxious and she just looked at me like 'yeah' I hope your better now x

    2. Getting there :) Thank you. xxx


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