Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Will you stick to your New Year Resolution this year?

  This year I haven't made a resolution but I have said what I hope to do in 2013 here.  I prefer to have a weekly goal than a yearly one! For instance if I feel like its time to tone up I will start a fitness class however I am very lucky to not struggle with my weight! I mean having 3 under 4 years is a work out in itself.

  I came across U.K's Buyagift.com's survey which I thought was interesting.  There is a lot of people like myself who don't make a resolution.  Here are the stats...

According to a recent survey of 1,500 UK Buyagift.com customers, much of the UK has opted against setting a New Year Resolution - 41% of the survey of both men and women said that they simple hadn’t put any personal goals in place for 2013.
And it would seem that those with good intentions (59%) are without the resolve to stick things out: 20% said they have already broken their resolution while 655 believe that they will throw in the towel after a month.
The resolutions that were set break down as follows:
-35% want to lose weight
- 20% want to get fit
- 15% want to give up smoking
-10% want to go on an adventure
- 10% want to get more in touch with technology
- 5% want to meet a new partner

 I know what I do need to do this year though, treat myself more often with a gift experience such a a spa day.

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