Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! Did my hopes come true from last year?

Happy New Year Everyone!!

 I thought I would take a quick look at my post a year ago.  It made me laugh as I hoped we would stay in the cottage we moved into and guess what we didn't!! We are happy with this house, at the moment hehe! Well its a new build so to be honest my ideal house, lots of space, rooms for all children, 1 bath, 2 showers, 3 toilets, a playroom, lovely living room with big bay windows and a lovely electric fire! Only thing is schools as we are in a great area but its right by the not so great area and those parents think different if you know what i mean, I need to put my school choices down soon, ahhh!!

  What I didn't expect is I would have another baby :) I can safely say this will not happen again,  3 is enough, I have a newborn and 2 poorly children with that awful cold and my son is refusing to sleep.  I will have to read this to remind me that I have forgotten what its like to have any 'me' time and enjoy a hot cup of tea!

  Things I would like to do this year are to spend more time with family, make more time for phil and I couple time and me time!  I would like to become a bit more craft around the house and create some pieces to be proud of.  Mostly be happy little(or big) family!

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