Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Mothers Instinct is so important

  So since Joseph was showing signs of being unsettled which got worse I realised his symptoms was silent reflux.  After speaking to one doctor who turned to me and said that it is not reflux I was fuming and was going to fight until someone took us seriously.  After another trip to out of hours and then another trip to the doctors, getting told that his case was not serious enough and we had to wait until the referral I was so cross.  I think the doctor knew I wasn't going to give up and rang the hospital to ask for the dosage.  I did feel that the doctors were more concerned about there budgets than my son.  In fact the first doctor did mention budgets to me a patient!
  So after taking the ranitadine which is reduces the amount of acid produced by your stomach he has turned into a different baby! He would hardly ever smile and when he did he would cry about 5 seconds later.  He would cry unless he was having his milk.  I felt helpless.  Now he sits there happily watching everyone, smiles a lot and cries very little.  He is a happy baby.  I think he looks healthier too, his skin was so dry and now its clear.
  I am so glad I never gave up.  It shows that the mother knows their baby best even when they don't have the qualifications that a doctor does.

Here is Joseph with Reflux

Here is Joseph now on the Ranitadine 

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