Sunday, 30 December 2012

Daxon VIP Fashion Network

   I have heard that Daxon are inviting bloggers to become a Daxon VIP Fashion Blogger and be part of their blogger network.  Those will be rewarded with £50 Amazon Voucher  You will need to add Daxon's button to your sidebar and write a short post to spread the opportunity to fellow bloggers.  So I had a look at their website and came across some items that are just my cup of tea at fantastic prices.  Take a look HERE for more information.
Daxon blogger network badge
As you know I have recently had my third baby and this time quickly realised I need to be Victoria as well as mummy.  I'm nearly 28 and I was 22 when I became pregnant with Annabelle so to be honest not been 'me' for a while.

Victoria Before= Loved styling my hair
Victoria Now= Manages to wash and blow dry it twice a week

Victoria Before= Loved mooching round the fashion shops a couple of times a week
Victoria Now= Has to book a day slot to go Clothes Shopping

 I guess you can see the pattern...  

So I had a look around Daxon's Website to see what items were my cup of tea and suit my everyday life.  'Daxon is part of Redcats, which is the 3rd largest home shopping organisation in the world. You can enjoy more choice and value when you shop with any of the Redcats brands. We source the best quality products and offer you the highest level of customer service.'  Daxon specialise in top quality ladieswear for all occasions!


Ladies Expert Design Tunic with Hidden Support

 I love this, elegant but simple! I am not one for too much going on with my clothes.  This is actually on sale at the moment for £17 which is great value, it also has hidden support so if you bend over you are not showing the world everything.  Mums you know what I mean!!


Ladies 2-in-1 Effect Sweater-Style Dress with Scarf 

 also love this!  It reminds me of the clothes that I saw on the high street last winter but were they here this winter, no! So happy I have seen this. My mum would love this also! It is £39 !!

Taillissime Striped Cotton & Denim Tunic

This is also my style! I just love the whole outfit! I would get good use out of this tunic! This also has an offer of 40% off so it now costs £27!!

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