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Review- Navitas Holistic Therapy and Reiki Centre in South Cheshire

Katie Bailey from Navitas Holistic therapy and Reiki centre in Shavington, Crewe  kindly asked me to review a couple treatments, of course I said yes!  I have been suffering with a bad trapezius since Annabelle was a baby and other than the occasional massage I've just had to put up with the pain.

  The treatments I chose were Indian Head Massage which I only have had once before and to be honest it wasn't a good experience.  I also chose Reflexology as I never had booked a session as I am very wary of wasting my money on something that baffles me.  How can massaging and applying pressure on a foot help the different parts of the body?? So I thought I would see for myself.

  Luckily the centre is also open on a Saturday and evenings as when you are busy with work or children all week the evenings and weekends are the only option.   The centre is located opposite the Alexandra Training Ground and easily accessible from the Crewe and Nantwich area.  Free car parking is available which is just outside the centre.

What happened at my treatments

  I was so excited on Saturday morning as I really don't get any time to myself with having 3 young children let alone a pampering. Upon walking into the centre I was relaxed immediately with the scent of incense sticks. The centre is actually a previous home which I feel makes it more warming and private. I think a treatment room has to be the perfect temperature as I hate being cold. It was just right. The room was great, a chair to sit of whilst I filled out the quick forms to let Katie know of any problems or illnesses. We also had a chat about how busy being a mum is and my poor trapezius.

  First I had the Indian Head Massage and as I have a bad upper back she decided to concentrate on that area and I was very happy about that. I sat on a chair at the end of the treatment bed with the comfiest looking pillows I had ever seen. Katie asked me my skin type so she could apply the correct oil. The massage was AMAZING. Katie massaged all the knots as well as finding ones I never knew I had with a good amount of pressure. I could feel the benefit of the massage and Katie made me feel so relaxed.

  The second treatment I choose was Reflexology. To be truthful if I wasn't asked to review I wouldn't have booked reflexology as its a bit unknown to me. What I found lovely was that Katie asked if I wanted a cup of tea whilst she did the treatment. She then got a lovely soft blanket and tucked me in. Mums( and dads) you will know how lovely this is. All cosy, sat in relaxing quiet room waiting for a cup of tea to be made.

  Katie then explained about reflexology then started to lightly massage and work in all the parts of the feet. When she worked on the trapezius area you could feel small knots similar to what I
feel in my back. I couldn't believe it. If she was working an area where I felt movement( like a small crack or knot) she would ask 'do you have trouble with....' all the points she asked were correct and some like my lower back and knee are where I hurt that area years ago. I was and still am happily shocked.

 How did I feel after my treatments?

 I felt so relaxed after both treatments and inspired to do some reflexology on myself and the children, especially my eldest who has some problems.  Katie was very informative and showed me a demo of what to do to help her which I am very thankful for.

Would I go again?

 Yes defiantly!! I have already booked my next appointment and can't wait! I should have done this sooner as being a parent is tiring and the daily stresses can effect your body more than you think.

  I had a fantastic experience and  I recommend Katie and the Navitas Holistic Therapy and Reiki Centre, hope you go and see for yourself!!  Have a read of the about us page HERE and find out how Katie and her husband Simon started!

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