Friday, 12 July 2013

Does your 7 month old nap in the day??

Mine doesn't!!

He is baby no3 and if he went to sleep he would be missing out on all the fun!

Now and again he will have a good 2 hour nap, usually the day before he gets a cold!

He usually sleeps about 45 mins max once to twice a day in his cot tue and thursday, he wakes us crying as he is very cross to be there!

On mon, wed and fri he falls asleep on the nursery run so no sleeps at home!

Its so hard to get anything done with all 3 awake all day! By night I can't think!!

I am not moaning as I love being a mum but everyone needs a break!

I used to think 1 baby was hard work... how wrong was I!!!

                       Victoria x

1 comment:

  1. My 2nd baby is exactly the same, he hates napping in his cot and most days he hardly naps at all! Little monkeys! x


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