Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Grandad is 75 years old and flys his own aeroplane

Why do I feel embarrassed telling people?

I must feel like they think i'm bragging that I come from a very well off family
I am lying

This is my Grandad and his plane

  From now on i'm not going to feel like this.  I am going to stop worrying about what other people think about me.  I am very proud of my grandads achievements and he is a very inspiring man.

I would like to tell you about his childhood.

My Grandad is called Geoff and was born in 1937.   He was the eldest of 4 children.  When Grandad was 5 or 6 world war 2 was declared and my Great Grandad Harry was sent to the war.  He said to my Grandad 'boy, you are the man of the house now' A 6 year old!! My brother is 6 and he still gets tucked in bed etc he is still my mum's baby.  I can't imagine how my grandad felt but I guess he felt so much pressure.  One of the things my grandad had to do was peek through a window at a hospital where his younger brother was very poorly as no one was allowed in.  Can you imagine?
 My grandad said his love for aeroplanes started then.... he saw them fly over and I recall he saw one land in a nearby field.  That was the moment he was inspired.  Inspired to succeed.  He was to have a life he wanted to lead.

 I will fast forward about 15 years.  He met my Grandma.  Well they actually lived across the road from one another as young children.  They dated, they married and guess where they lived?? In a caravan.  Why? They couldn't afford a house and they were living away from Cheshire.  My grandad was a trades man and one day decided he was to start a business.  He was a self employed builder.  He built my Grandparents first home, my mums first home which she was born into.  My grandad was and still is a hard worker and this showed.

 So he had a new house, a job, what next? He learnt to fly.  At 35.  He passed however as he had to take his doctors checks he found out that he had a heart defect.  He was born missing 1 valve.  If he didn't learn to fly and have these test then who knows...

 My grandad is one of my inspirations.   My grandads business turned into businesses, rental houses.  If he can go from living in a caravan to building two of his own houses, flying his plane, riding a motorbike and owning a Mercedes-Benz then I can follow my dreams and succeed in what I want to do.
 Oh I almost forgot my Grandad most popular form of transport is... an old jeep!!

This is my grandad on his previous bike( I think a harley davidson) He is with my younger brother Ben.  I think this was about 8 years ago!



  1. Don't feel embarrassed telling people...
    You must be so proud it's fantastic!! Good on him!

  2. Lovely story!! :)


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