Sunday, 7 July 2013

When you become a parent toilet talk becomes a normality

Before I was a mum I didn't talk about poo, infact I liked to think I never did them.  Its not something you talk about is it?

Well along comes a baby, and BOOM you seem to talk about poo all the blimen time!

'Have s/he pooed yet?'

' How many times has s/he pooed?'

' Its your turn I did it this morning!'

 Then in our case, Annabelles withholding problems... talking to Annabelle about mr poo, and saying 'do you need to have a poo' having to massage her tummy to help her go, sitting by the toilet for ages and nothing!

 Even worse.... asking the nursery nurses, 'what was her poo like' big... I won't mention any other describing words in case you are eating!  Thankfully the staff understand my logic behind the questions! I mean, if she didn't have a problem I would not be having that conversation!

 I am hoping that Callum and Joseph magically become toilet trained... well I can dream can't I!!!

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