Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sun, Sea and Sand at Talacre Beach in North Wales

 Last Saturday we decided that due to the fact we had met the sun again after what felt like a year we should head to the beach!  We got told how nice Talacre was and wasn't too far away from Cheshire.
 It was also to be Joseph's first trip to the beach and about Callum's first where he could really join in! Just shows what rubbish weather we have had!
 When we got there it was a very small place, just a few places to eat, a shop and the beach! Perfect for an afternoon! We bought some buckets and spades and headed off on a short walk to the sand!
 The children had a great time and it was so good to get out of the house!
 The only bad points as I am a picky person is that there were dogs all over the beach but I didn't see any doggy mess! I guess if I had a dog it wouldn't bother me! There is a pub we walked in and couldn't here ourselves think so walked back out again! If anyone goes there take cash as we only had a card so had to eat nearer home! Or take a picnic!
 The great points were the sand was just sandy enough! It wasn't too busy, car park by the beach and was free( i think)  but we parked further up!  The walk to the beach was on a path and wasn't too far! I managed to get my baby jogger city mini through for anyone with doubles!
 Horses are also allowed on this beach and it was amazing seeing him and his rider galloping down the sand!

 Here are some photos .......

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