Friday, 26 July 2013

I'm not just a stay at home mum, I am a blogger too!

Logo Design by  Recently I have been thinking a lot about my life.  Yes I am a stay at home mum which I am very lucky to be able to do in some ways.
But I blog and blogging its not just writing a diary online.
First of all I had to set up a blog which was new to me.  I taught MYSELF to design a blog just the way I wanted it with a little help of google.  I had to use html which is another language.  I then had to learn to write in a way I was happy with, and share my content.  It doesn't stop there, I also communicate with other bloggers and non bloggers via the different social media platforms such as twitter.  After a while I started receiving emails from different pr's and brands about reviewing products.  My blog has grown and when I am not looking after my children or doing the dreaded housework I am on the internet doing one of the 'blogging' jobs.
It isn't a job in some sense as I do not receive an income but its a part of my life that I love.

I am not just a mum, I have another purpose.  My purpose is to blog!!  My next step is earning through blogging.  That would be amazing!

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  1. Yes I feel like this! Although HTML is still a mystery to me! I see it as my job even if it doesn't really pay a salary :-)


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